With High Hopes EP

by Sweatshirt Weather

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released January 30, 2010

Engineered and Produced by Mark Kiczula
Mixed by Mark Kiczula and Christopher Thorn

Sweatshirt Weather was:
Christopher Stewart, Daniel Inskeep, Nathanial Adams, Ryan Kergides.

All music written by Sweatshirt Weather
All lyrics written by Daniel Inskeep and Christopher Stewart, with additional lyrics on "Live It Up" by Aaron Zettler



all rights reserved


Sweatshirt Weather Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Fall and 106
its fall and 106
and if i can make it to your lips
there might be no turning around
so turn it around and kill the lights
cause ive been waiting all day just to get this right

where are we?
we're falling, but theres still time to see
you will stay mine tonight
there's still time
and in all the sky there is hope to find
a light for us to shine

its summer and 96
we speak in sentiments and scripts
a tale of two lovers and a tryst
the moon at our backs we run
slip into our native tongues
we can't stand to be outdone

where are we?
we're falling, but theres still time to see
you will stay mine tonight
there's still time
and in all the sky there is hope to find
a light for us to shine

well its fall and 106
its too late to convince
a tired song plays
about a boy who can't commit
i trace the lines in the night
from your shoulders to your thighs
but i'm alone, left to my defenses
hoping my heart will guide me home
Track Name: Maybe We'll Make It Summer
well you called me up
and said you needed some time off
today's just a day
but we're not in love
you said "you had your chance
and left me once again"
a friends just a friend
what are your intentions?
feel my heart race while i pace the floor
a simple line before you head out the door
a last resort or a second chance
if i knew better i could tell the difference

you've got your friends and weekend plans
i've got the bars and one night stands

give it up now you've got nothing to lose
cause holding on tight never got you far
i've heard the lines and i've seen the clues
another night asleep lying under the stars

so we'll sleep tonight away
and wake to find nothings changed
we're the same two kids when we were young
its alright to have a little bit of fun so
bring your glass
we'll sit in the back
we'll make it summer
we'll make it last
we won't have much
but we won't forget
we lived this life
with no regrets

i've got my friends and weekend plans
you've got the bars and one night stands

lets keep this time in mind
life's too short to move too fast
i just hope there's more to find
make it summer, make it last
Track Name: Best Intentions
come this friday night, i'll be waiting
calm me with your best intentions
wake up the next morning with me,
i could be your best invention

when i arrived there, i saw you up there
waiting for me, standing at the top of the stairs
i couldn't walk straight, i couldn't see straight
thinking about your body put my mind in a daze

i've got a pocketful of sins
so lets screw this up and we'll fit right in
another round before we fall
this is the last call
i'm going all in
Track Name: Escapade
baby when the clock runs down
maybe we'll escape this town
we'll watch the sun go out
this time we'll make it count
and see it rise again

girl its the things you do that make me go crazy
girl its the things you say that make me shake

i'll pick you up at nine
got a half a tank and nothing but time
the roads are clear, lets disappear
anywhere but here, outside the lines

lets think about where to go from here

turn this up and sing along
the lines i wrote and the words you spoke
wake up to the morning sun
and we'll think back to a night undone
Track Name: Live It Up
you've seen the mountains meet the sea
take me there oh take me there
i'd give you everything
to feel the california air
i'll leave this town, leave this town
like any sane man should
with the shirt on my back i'll leave at dawn
take this to hollywood

so we'll sing this song til our voices are shot
holding on to what we've got
we're gonna take these nights we were alive at last
summers come
so lets stay up late and have another round
cause in the morning we'll be skipping town
gonna live it up and let go
sleep it off its all we know

well i've seen the desert reach the sky
miles gone, oh god I'm done
just let this go
the salty breeze of highway one
i take it in, oh i take it in
as i fall to my knees
the LA haze and the motel days
reminding me i'm free

take a night off keep your oldest friends near
hold on clear your mind of this year
what we left turns to stories and songs
in the end we'll all just sing along